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Fans are essential for proper airflow in a home – and can help reduce the electric bill in both warm and cold months in Greenville and Upstate SC. Our team of experienced electricians can help you maintain steady airflow, reduce AC reliance, and enjoy a refreshing breeze on your covered patio or deck with expertly installed indoor and outdoor fans.

Our Fan Installation Services

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Whether you need to install a new ceiling fan, remove an old one, or relocate an existing fan, the team at Viper Services will get it done the right way!

Exhaust Fan Installation

Exhaust Fans

We help homeowners maintain good indoor air quality with professionally-installed exhaust fans in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, attic, and more.

How Our Fan Installation Process Works

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    We will discuss your project in detail to understand what you would like to have done.

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    A representative from Viper Services will come to your home and survey your needs in greater detail – then provide an accurate quote for the project.

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    Our fan installation experts will take care of the installation process from start to finish – making sure the job gets done right.

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Improve Your Home Airflow with Professional Fan Installation

At Viper Services, we provide professional fan installation services to homeowners in Greenville and Upstate, SC. We understand the importance of proper airflow in a home and can install indoor and outdoor fans to ensure that your home is properly ventilated.

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What Makes Us Stand Out

  • Safety-First

    Safety is THE top concern at Viper Services. We take every step and precaution to ensure that you and your home are protected from electrical hazards.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is the key to our business model. A job is never completed until you’re happy with the results. 

  • Transparent Pricing

    Our pricing is simplified to ensure there is no confusion. You’ll know the cost of a job before we do any work!

  • Respect the Property

    Our workers make it a point to leave the job site in the same (or better) condition than we found it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing model for fan installation. Every home has unique needs and may require a different procedure to get the best results. A representative from Viper Services will discuss your needs and examine your home to determine a plan for installation.

Once we have all of the details, we will provide a quote for the project.

It’s certainly possible to install a ceiling fan by yourself. However, there are many risks involved if you don’t know what you’re doing. This could include dangerous sparking – or problems within your entire home’s electrical system.

A professional knows the challenges going into the installation process and how to avoid them. It is  recommended that you have an expert take care of the project to make sure it gets done properly.

This can depend on several factors, including wiring, lighting, and the extent of the project. When a representative from Viper Services creates the quote, they will include a rough timeline to complete the installation process.

Installing a ceiling fan is not necessarily difficult; However, the complexity of your specific needs can vary. Ceiling height, lights, dimmer switches and location of electrical sources can all vary. For this reason we recommend professional assistance when installing a fan.  

Exhaust fans help to dissipate and remove odors, steam, and smoke from a home. This can do a lot to improve the air quality and increase overall comfort. For instance, the fan in the bathroom works to remove excess moisture from the air and improve circulation – which can help to curb mold growth.

The primary difference between the two types of fans lies in their intended use. A ventilation fan is designed to introduce fresh air from an external source into a confined area, whereas an exhaust fan is responsible for extracting contaminants from indoor air in residential or commercial environments.

It is significantly cheaper to run ceiling fans compared to AC units.

Ceiling fans offer excellent climate control throughout the year, providing relief during hot summer days and aiding in maintaining comfortable temperatures during winter. Additionally, they serve as aesthetic components that contribute to a room's overall decor and ambiance.

Having fans operate when no one is present to enjoy the air circulation results in unnecessary energy consumption. Additionally, most fan motors generate heat while in use. Although minimal, this heat contributes to energy waste and adds warmth to your home when the fan is left running.

Generally, homeowners can expect to save about $300 - $500 per year by running fans instead of AC units. However, this depends on many different circumstances.

No problem. We will safely remove the existing ceiling fan and install the new one.

Ceiling fans should be placed in the center of the room, with a minimum of 7 feet above the ground and 18 inches away from the walls. If the ceiling height permits, position the fan between 8 and 9 feet above the floor to maximize airflow efficiency.

Several factors impact the cost of fan installation. If there is already wiring in place, the project will be much easier and require less labor. If there is no wiring – or the wiring needs to be changed or rerouted – the cost will likely go up. Our team will assess the project and provide a fair quote before we begin work.

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