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Nearly everyone deals with a clogged sewer line at some point – and sometimes, snaking the drain just doesn’t cut it.

Viper Services offers advanced, fast-acting solutions for a range of sewer line problems. Whether it’s a small leak or an extensive blockage, we’ll handle the problem quickly with minimally invasive methods.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Corrosion in Sewer Pipe


Many sewer systems are constructed from materials that eventually corrode, potentially resulting in cracks, leaks, and poor water flow. This jeopardizes both plumbing functionality and the safety of your property.

Tree Roots

Tree Roots

Plant roots are drawn to underground water sources, which may include your property’s sewer line. If plant roots infiltrate and damage the pipes, you might have a serious sewer repair on your hands.

Ground Shift

Ground Shifts

Over time, natural ground movements can move sewer lines and put pressure on the pipes. As a result, leaks and blockages become increasingly possible and must be dealt with by experienced plumbing professionals.

Old Hardware

Old Hardware

As sewer lines age, they become increasingly vulnerable to wear and tear, including cracking and fracturing. Deterioration can also cause your sewer line to fall short of modern standards for durability and efficiency.

Clogged Sewer Pipe


Sewer lines often accumulate materials like flushable wipes, grease, hygiene products, and other non-biodegradable items. These can significantly hinder wastewater flow, cause blockages, and contribute to serious plumbing issues.

Scale buildup

Scale Buildup

Scale buildup is a common issue in clay and metal sewer lines. Over the years, this buildup can gradually cause clogs and restrict water flow, compromising the safety and efficacy of the sewer system.

Dealing With a Clogged Drain? Reach Out Today.

If a drain seems to be perpetually clogged, or if you’ve been smelling sewer-like odors around your South Carolina property, don’t wait to reach out. Contact Viper Services today to schedule a professional repair appointment.

How We’ll Fix Your Sewer Line

Inspection Icon
Step 1

Inspect the Sewer Line

Viper Services begins every sewer line repair with a thorough inspection to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the issue.

Clean and Clear the Drains
Step 2

Clean and Clear the Drains

Once we’ve identified the source of the problem, we’ll use high-pressure water jets to break up any debris that’s contributing to blockages.

Reline the Pipes
Step 3

Reline the Pipes

If necessary, our plumbing technicians will insert a flexible liner coated with epoxy resin to seal cracks within your sewer line.

Excavate and Replace
Step 4

Excavate and Replace

In cases of extensive damage, we may be forced to excavate and replace your sewer line. However, we will only take this route if it is absolutely necessary.

Why Choose Viper Services?

  • Highly Trained Professionals

    Our crew is comprised of certified, highly trained professionals. All of our plumbing technicians are properly accredited and licensed under the state of South Carolina.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We price all of our services clearly and honestly, right from the get-go. You’ll never get slapped with an unexpected fee or surprise surcharge.

  • Advanced Technology

    Viper Services uses cutting-edge tools to tackle sewer line repairs, thoroughly and expertly. You can trust that we’ll get the job done right on the first try.

  • Respect for Your Property

    Respect is a central value at Viper Services. When we arrive at your property, we’ll treat it with care and dignity throughout the sewer line repair process.

What SC Homeowners Are Saying

Get Your Sewer Line Repaired ASAP

At Viper Services, we’re standing by to provide swift, effective sewer line repairs to homeowners throughout South Carolina. From Taylors to Greenville and beyond, we’ll respond to your property quickly and provide hassle-free solutions.

If you think your sewer line is damaged or clogged, contact us immediately. We’ll send a technician to assess the problem as soon as possible.

Man Unblock Sewer Drain

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few ways to tell if you’re dealing with a sewer line issue. Most notably, watch out for…

  • Foul odors around your property
  • Slow-draining sinks and tubs
  • Backed-up toilets
  • Gurgling noises from drains
  • Soggy or sunken spots in your yard
  • Unexplained water pooling

If any of these red flags sound familiar, contact Vipers Services today for an accurate diagnosis.

We don’t typically recommend repairing sewer line issues by yourself due to the potential hazards involved. Sewer lines are intricate systems, and they require specialized knowledge, tools, and equipment to diagnose and repair properly.

More concerningly, working with sewage poses significant health risks due to the presence of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Therefore, it’s best to leave sewer line repairs to licensed and experienced plumbing professionals like our team at Viper Services.

In most cases, we are able to use trenchless repair methods to avoid digging and disrupting your backyard. We will likely only need to dig if the damage is extensive or severe.

Contact us immediately ife duration of a sewer line repair depends on the complexity of the issue and how we’ll need to repair it. Some simple repairs, such as clearing a minor blockage, might only take us a few hours to complete. However, more extensive repairs (such as sewer line replacement) might take us several days or more.

To learn what your sewer line repair might cost, contact Viper Services for an estimate. We’ll assess your situation and provide you with an upfront quote.

The cost of sewer line repairs in South Carolina can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the extent of the damage, the location of the sewer line, the type of repair needed, etc.

On average, basic repairs start at a few hundred dollars, but more complex issues (like full sewer line replacements) can easily cost several thousand dollars. To get an accurate estimate, contact our experts at Viper Services for an assessment.

Your sewer line repairs might be covered by your homeowner's insurance, but it depends on the cause of the damage and the specific terms of your policy.

If the damage is sudden and accidental, there's a chance that your insurance will cover the repairs. On the other hand, if the damage is due to wear and tear or lack of maintenance, it's less likely to be covered.

Therefore, you’ll need to review your specific insurance policy and consult with your provider to understand what types of sewer line issues are covered.

Ignoring a sewer line problem can lead to serious consequences for your property and safety. Over time, untreated sewer issues like blockages, leaks, and backups can result in backups, which in turn introduce foul odors, contaminated water supply, structural damage, and potential health hazards to your home.

If you want to prevent these severe risks, contact an emergency plumber for sewer line repair services as soon as possible.

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